This online application form is intended for applicants who wish to apply for the ISCA Financial Forensic Accounting (FFA) Qualification. For more information on the entry requirements, please click here.

Applications for the ISCA FFA Qualification are open all year round except in December. Successful applicants will be approved as candidates and advised of the next available workshop and examination session upon admission.

Please note that upon successful application, the annual candidate fee will be payable from second year onwards after admission - i.e. 1 January of the calendar year. This means that for applications that are approved in the month from January to November, candidates are required to pay for the annual candidate fee in January of the following year.

Instructions for completing the online application form

Please read the instructions below before completing the online application form:

Note: When submitting a copy of the front page of NRIC or other Identification documents to ISCA, please mask out all other details with the exception of your Photo, Full Name and last 3 digits and last alphabet of the identification number.  The collection of the partial NRIC serves to facilitate ISCA's verification of identity during examinations and verification of claim submissions from the funding agencies. 

  1. complete all parts of the application form unless otherwise specified.     

  2. complete this application in English only

  3. indicate “NA” if not applicable

  4. read and check the Personal Data Declaration

  5. submit the online application form