Foundational Intermediate Advanced Expert

Year 0 – 3
Accounts Assistant,
Accounts Executive

Year 2 - 6
Accountant, Management Accountant,
FP&A Analyst, Business

Year 5 – 12
Finance Manager, 
FP&A Manager

> Year 10
Chief Financial Officer, 
Head of Finance,
Financial/ Business Controller

Technical Excellence
1.1 Corporate Reporting
Course Title   Course Code CPE Hours  Proficiency Level
FRS / IFRS - Overview & Update
Overview of Essential IFRS / FRS
CSA001 40 check 
A Walkthrough and Update of IFRS and SFRS A232 28 check undefined
IFRS / FRS: Annual Update

check undefined
check undefined
New / Upcoming Accounting Standards
IFRS 16 / FRS 116: Leases

IFRS 15 / FRS 115: Revenue from Contracts with Customers

IFRS 15 / FRS 115 Revenue from Contracts with Customers and IFRS 9 / FRS 109 Financial Instruments A185 7 check
Hedge Accounting: A Practical Approach A080 7 check
IFRS 9 / FRS 109: Financial Instruments

Practical Application of the Three New Standards IFRS9, 15, 16 (Contractual Interaction between These Standards) A235 14 check
Accounting Differences between FRS and US GAAP A037 7 check
US GAAP Update 2018 A237 7 check
Group Accounting and Consolidation
Consolidated Financial Statements: Preparation and Presentation in the Singapore Context A089 14 check
Business Combinations: Issues and Pitfalls in Group Accounting A164 7 check
Putting Theory to Practice: Mergers and Acquisitions A176ET 7 check
Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions A198 14 check
Tackling Complex Issues in Group Reporting (FRS 103 Business Combinations and FRS 110 Consolidated Financial Statements) A242 7 check
Fair Value / Impairment
FRS 113: Fair Value Measurement (Non Financial Items) A085 7 check
IFRS 13/SFRS(I) 13/FRS 113: Fair Value Measurement – A Practical Approach A238 7 check
Managing Asset Valuation under IFRS/ FRS A174 14 check
Accounting For Fair Value and Impairment in a Volatile Market A216ET 7 check
FRS 36: Impairment of Assets - From an Accounting Perspective A230 3.5 check
Fair Valuation of Financial Instruments: Fundamental Concerns and Issues A224 3.5 check
Deferred Tax
FRS 12 Income Taxes A033 3.5 check
Accounting Meets Tax: FRS 12 Deferred Tax and Uncertain Tax Positions A035 7 check
Deferred Tax Accounting: A Deeper Dive A147 14 check
Deferred Tax Computation using Excel Spreadsheet A189 7 check
Deferred Tax Application in Complex Transactions A195 7 check
Charities / Non-Profit Entities
Charities Accounting Standard (CAS): Accounting for Charities A074 7 check
Accounting for Charities and Non-Profit Entities using Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) A225 7 check
Public Sector
Analysis and Review of Public Sector Accounting: SB-FRS A196 14 check
Accounting for Government Grants under SB-FRS/FRS 20 and Its Related Interpretations and Guidance A221 3.5 check
FRS / IFRS - Specific Standards
FRS 40: Investment Property A087 3.5 check
Accounting Meets Tax: Employee Benefits and Share-based Payment (FRS 19, FRS 102) A026 7 check
Accounting for Financial Instruments under FRS 32, FRS 107 and FRS 109
A032 7 check
Interpretations of Financial Reporting Standards (INT FRSs): Tackling Accounting Issues Not Specifically Dealt with by the FRSs A139 7 check
FOREX Accounting: A Practical Approach A156 14 check
Accounting for Assets and Liabilities A161 14 check
FRS 107: Financial Instruments: Disclosures A023 3.5 check
Financial Reporting
Financial Statements: Presentation and Disclosure

1.2 Management Accounting
1.3 Corporate Finance
1.4 Business Valuation
1.5 Governance and Risk Management
1.6 Business Law and Regulations
1.7 Taxation
Course Title   Course Code CPE Hours  Proficiency Level
GST: Operations, Accounting and Administration

GST - Zero-Rated supplies TAX205 7 check
Understanding the GST treatment for Recovery of Expenses TAX191 7 check
Managing GST Accounting and Audit Compliance in Singapore TAX210 14 check
GST on Imported Services TAX227 3.5 check
Non-Business Activities – The GST Treatment on Non-Business Receipts and its Input Tax Recovery TAX214 7 check
Managing GST Audits TAX192 7 check
GST Update 2018 – Customer Accounting for Prescribed Goods TAX215 3.5 check
GST: Preventing GST Pitfalls through ACAP TAX055 3.5 check
GST: Self Managing GST Risks through ASK TAX056 3.5 check
Advanced GST Workshop - Managing GST Risks in Your Business and Avoiding Pitfalls and Errors TAX059A 14 check
Corporate Tax
Corporate Tax Workshop for Non-Tax Professionals TAX127 14 check undefined
Income Tax Perspective: Business Losses TAX111 3.5 check undefined
Advanced Corporate Tax TAX008 14 check undefined
Corporate Tax: Annual Update

check undefined
check undefined
check undefined
Income Tax Treatment Arising from Adoption of FRS 115 Revenue from Contracts with Customers TAX230ET 3.5 check undefined
Corporate Tax Planning : Minimizing Tax Costs through Tax Efficient Structuring TAX054 7 check undefined
Tax Avoidance and Evasion

check undefined
check undefined
International Tax
Digital Economy International Taxation – Don’t Get Disrupted, Get Up to Speed! TAX233 7 check undefined
Cross-Border Tax and Tax Treaties

check undefined
check undefined
check undefined
Permanent Establishment

check undefined
check undefined
Look Before You Leap: Key Tax Structuring Considerations for Singapore Companies Venturing Overseas TAX095 7 check undefined
Understanding Direct and Indirect Taxes in the Philippines TAX220E 7 check undefined
Investment Planning and Taxation in Myanmar TAX221E 7 check undefined
Investment Planning and Taxation in India TAX222E 7 check undefined
Understanding Direct and Indirect Taxes in Vietnam TAX223E 7 check undefined
Comprehensive Guide to Accounting and Taxation in China TAX225E 14 check undefined
Tax Updates in Thailand TAX229E 4 check undefined
Tax Updates in Malaysia TAX232E 4 check undefined
Withholding Tax
Income Tax Treatment on Withholding Tax and Foreign Sourced Income TAX085 7 check
Transfer Pricing
Recent Singapore Transfer Pricing Guidance and What It means to You  TAX155  3.5  check undefined
Introduction to Tax/Transfer Pricing for Treasury, Inter-co. Financing, Guarantees and Cash Pools TAX154 3.5 check undefined
Transfer Pricing Documentation and Benchmarking Analysis - How to Get It Right? TAX196 7 check undefined
New Transfer Pricing Reporting Requirements for Related Party transactions, Are You Prepared? TAX198 3.5 check undefined
Key Trends and Transfer Pricing Challenges in the Manufacturing Sector TAX200 3.5 check undefined
Transfer Pricing Live! Practical Transfer Pricing for In-house Finance/Tax Professionals - Module 1 and 2 TAX098 7 check undefined
Managing Transfer Pricing in Asia TAX195 7 check undefined
Transfer Pricing Risk Management TAX213 3.5 check undefined
Other Relevant and Special Interest Topics
Property Tax: Determining the "Right" Amount Accountants Should Pay TAX027 3.5 check
Interpretation of Tax Statutes: Recent Cases and Updates TAX037 3.5 check undefined
Singapore's Tax Incentive Regime TAX160ET 7 check undefined
Reducing Your Effective Tax Rate through Tax Incentives and Negotiation TAX102 3.5 check undefined
Avoiding Tax Penalty by Understanding the Latest Development in Software Tax Characterisation Issues TAX103 3.5 check undefined
Future Finance 
1.1 Agile Finance
1.2 Digital Awareness
Business Acumen
1.1 Business Innovation
Course Title   Course Code CPE Hours  Proficiency Level
Leading Innovation & Design Thinking in Finance MP152ET 7 check undefined
1.2 Business Partnering
1.3 Sustainable Business Strategy
Course Title   Course Code CPE Hours  Proficiency Level
Change Management
Leading and Managing Change MP107 7 check undefined
Change Management for Leaders and Professionals (E-learning) BPP040 1 check undefined
Conflict Management
Positive Conflict at Work: Making Conflict Work For You MP038 7 check undefined
Strategic Business Planning
Practical Strategic Planning for Financial Directors and Managers (Part 1) MP124 7 check undefined
Effective Strategy Implementation for Financial Directors and Managers (Part 2) MP146 7 check undefined
The Fundamentals of Great Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) MP161ET 3.5 check undefined
Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management RM132 7 check undefined
Business Analytics for Strategic and Organisational Performance DGT010 7 check undefined
Analysing Strategic Success (E-learning) BPP038 1 check undefined
Business Growth and the Finance Role (E-learning) BPP039 1 check undefined
Implementing Strategy (E-learning) BPP042 1.5 check undefined
Lean Finance (E-learning) BPP043 1 check undefined
Lean Six Sigma (E-learning) BPP044 1.5 check undefined
Strategy in Action (E-learning) BPP047 1.5 check undefined
The Accounting Input into the Strategic Plan (E-learning) BPP049 1 check undefined
Strategic Resource Management
Effective Strategic Resource Management for Financial Directors and Managers MP147 7 check undefined
Strategic Talent Management: Unique Innovative Executive Development and Coaching for the Next Generation of Leaders MP160 7 check undefined
Strategic Risk Management
Risk Management - Business Strategy and Risk Decision-Making (E-learning) INT0614 0.5 check undefined
Sustainability Reporting
Accounting for Sustainability (E-learning) BF001i   1.5 check undefined
Transdisciplinary Business Strategy
The Art of War Strategy for Accountants

check undefined
check undefined
Professional Values and Ethics
1.1 Ethical Conflict Resolution
1.2 Ethical Culture and Behavior
Course Title   Course Code CPE Hours  Proficiency Level
Ethical Stewardship 
Ethical Considerations for Public Sector Accountants E143 4 check undefined
Ethics and Professionalism: It’s Not About Doing a Job But How You Do It (E-Learning) E005i 2 check undefined
Ethical and Legal Considerations in Protecting your Company Secrets and Customer Databases  E122 7 check undefined
Speaking Up, Raising Concerns and Whistleblowing (E-Learning) E002i 2 check undefined
Ethical Whistle Blowing: Is It My Responsibility to Report? E118 3.5 check undefined
Ethical Issues and Updates in Cross-border Tax and International Transfer Pricing E112  3.5 check undefined
Ethics and Integrity (E-Learning) E004i 2.5 check undefined
The 7 Deadly Sins in Accounting Ethics E119 7 check undefined
Ethical Issues in Valuation E142 3.5 check undefined
Ethical Issues in Risk Management and Internal Control E082 7 check undefined
Ethical Stewardship for Controllers and Finance Managers: Steering Ethically throughout Your Accounting Career E130 7 check undefined
The Ethics Challenge: Prospects and Proposals for Promoting Professional Integrity E073 3.5 check undefined
Ethical Issues (Advanced) in International Tax and Transfer Pricing: Blurring Lines between the Law and Ethics E129 3.5 check undefined
Ethics and Risk Management: Discerning between the Fine Lines of Professional and Personal Obligations E132 7 check undefined
Business Ethics: Best Practices in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) E149 7 check undefined
Fraud Consideration 
Top 18 Lessons We Learn - Professional Conduct and Ethics in Preparing Financial Statements E123 7 check
Investment and Consumer Scams: The Law and Ethics Surrounding the Fraud E060 7 check undefined
Accounting Ethics: Understanding and Detecting Creative Accounting Practices E061 14 check undefined
The Ethics Challenge: Ways to Manage and What to Watch Out For E068 7 check undefined
Ethical Behaviour in Business: Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting E144 7 check undefined
The Role of an Ethical Accountant in Fraud Prevention E153 7 check undefined
Forensic Review of Financial Statements : A Non-Accounting Perspective MP153 7 check undefined
Accounting Ethics: The 36 Red Flags and Detecting Accounting Gimmicks and Fraud E095 14 check undefined
Corrupt Practices in Commercial and Public Sectors: How to Identify and Manage Them E103 7 check undefined
Business Ethics: Anti-Bribery & Corruption E150 7 check undefined
Ethical Business Conduct: Tell Tale Signs of Companies in Trouble E094 4 check undefined
Ethical and Legal Considerations in Tax Avoidance, Evasion and Fraud E110 7 check undefined
Ethics and Professionalism: Case Studies For Accountants and Auditors E126 7 check undefined
Ethics and Anti-Fraud Management E133 7 check undefined
Ethical and Legal Issues in Procurements and Contractual Agreements E108 7 check undefined
Ethical Issues for Accountants: Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection E111 7 check undefined
1.3 Ethical Standards
Leadership and Personal Empowerment
1.1 Communication
1.2 Creative Thinking
Course Title   Course Code CPE Hours  Proficiency Level
Light Up your Bulb! Creative Thinking Skills for Accountants  MP062A 14 check undefined
Unleash the Potential of Creative Thinking MP166 7 check undefined
1.3 Developing People
1.4 Digital Literarcy
1.5 Interpersonal Skills
1.6 Leadership
1.7 Lifelong Learning
1.8 Problem Solving