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WD008: WSQ Develop and Establish Financial Budget and Planspurple-tickpink-tick2 purple-tick 
WD012 : WSQ Let's work on easy-to-understand reports! Effective data visualisation and communication purple-tickpink-tick2 purple-tick 
CPE CoursesSSG FundingSkillsFuture CreditUTAP Funding Charities Capability Fund
A016v : Financial Reporting Standards: An Overview (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A037v : Accounting Differences between FRS and US GAAP (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
A074v : Charities Accounting Standard (CAS): Accounting for Charities (Live Webinar) 
blue-tick2 pink-tick2
A080: Hedge Accounting: A Practical Approach pink-tick2blue-tick2  
A082v : Financial Statements: Presentation & Disclosure (For Non-Listed Companies) (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
A083v : Preparation of Financial Statements: Essential FRSs (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
A131v : FRS110, FRS111, FRS112 & FRS113: Framework on Consolidated Financial Statements and Fair Value Measurement (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
A147v : Deferred Tax Accounting: A Deeper Dive (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
A164v : Business Combinations: Issues and Pitfalls in Group Accounting (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A189v : Deferred Tax Computation using Excel Spreadsheet (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
A192v : IFRS 15 / FRS 115: Revenue from Contracts with Customers - An Overview (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A196v : Analysis and Review of Public Sector Accounting: SB-FRS (Live Webinar) 
A204v : Consolidation Basic Training: From Equity Accounting to Full Consolidation (FRS 110, FRS 111 and FRS 112) (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
A211 : IFRS 9 / FRS 109: Financial Instruments - A Practical Guide  blue-tick2  
A214v : Accounting for Basic Consolidation Procedures: Case Studies & Journal Entries (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
A218v : FRS 116 (IFRS 16) Leases (Case Study Approach) (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A225v : Accounting for Charities and Non-Profit Entities using Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2 pink-tick2
A247v : IFRS 16/ FRS 116 Leases: A Deeper Dive into the New Rules & Avoid the Pitfalls (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
A249v : Financial Reporting: Analysis from A Managerial Perspective (Live Webinar) pink-tick2   
A254v : IFRS 9/FRS 109: Financial Instruments - Practical Insights on Post Implementation Issues (Live Webinar  blue-tick2  
A255v : IFRS 15 / FRS 115 Revenue from Contracts with Customers - Practical Insights (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A258 : Fair Value Accounting: Concerns and Challenges  blue-tick2  
A268v : Group Accounting – The Economic Entity Model Under FRS 103 and FRS 110 (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A271v : Deferred Tax Accounting: Understanding its Rationale and Application (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A272v : Accounting for Foreign Exchange Transaction & Foreign Operations Made Easy (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A275 : Applying the Appropriate Impairment Models to Different Classes of Assets  blue-tick2  
A275v : Applying the Appropriate Impairment Models to Different Classes of Assets (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A277v : Investment Properties: Accounting Considerations and Disclosure (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A278v : Related Party: Presentation and Disclosure (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A279v : IAS 8 Accounting Policies, Changes in Estimates and Errors (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A280v : Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates and its “Implications” (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A281v : Accounting for Intangible Assets (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A282v : Impairment of Assets – Recognition and Reporting (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A290v : Advanced Level Issues in Consolidation (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A295v : FRS Updates 2023 (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
A296 : Accounting Application for Business Combination  blue-tick2  
A298 : Preparation of financial statements – FRS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements, FRS 7 Statement of Cash Flows and FRS 10 Events after the Reporting Period (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
A301v : Navigating the Pitfalls in Preparing Financial Statements  blue-tick2  
A302v : 2024 Technical Update on SFRS(I), IFRS Accounting Standards  blue-tick2  
ADT043v : Forensic Auditing (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
ADT128v : Overview of Essential Singapore Standards on Auditing (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
ADT133v : Audit of Internal Control under SOX and PCAOB requirements (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
ADT140v : Effect of FRS on Audit Evidence (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
ADT295 : Cryptocurrency Accountability: Addressing Audit Assertions (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
BAR2.1 : Business Analytics and Reporting with Power BI (Blended Learning)  blue-tick2  
BF013v : Business Valuation & Analysis: Corporate Restructuring & Funding – Practical Applications for Decision Makers (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
BF016 : Derivative Products: Hedging, Speculation - Transaction Recording- Accounting Issues and Disclosure  blue-tick2  
BF016v : Derivative Products: Hedging, Speculation - Transaction Recording- Accounting Issues and Disclosure (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2
BF051v : Business Valuation Methods and Application (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
BF061 : Governance for Charities & IPCs  blue-tick2 pink-tick2
BF091v : Understanding Business Planning & Budgeting (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
BF103v : Corporate Treasury Management & Strategies in Volatile Market Conditions (Live Webinar) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
BF149v : Public Financial Management & Procurement: Contemporary Issues & Audit Findings (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
BF153 : Budgeting: Going Beyond a Routine Exercise  blue-tick2  
BF164v : Financial Planning & Analysis Methodologies – A Practical Approach (Synchronous E-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
BF183v : Key Considerations for a Successful M&A (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2
BF190 : Financial Analysis: Validating Business Performance with ChatGPT  blue-tick2  
BOD : Board Of Directors (BOD) Masterclass Programme  blue-tick2  
DGT010v : Business Analytics for Strategic and Organizational Performance (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
DGT016v : Understanding Blockchain Technology and Cryptoassets (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
DGT017v : Introduction to Blockchain Technology for Accounting and Finance Professionals (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2   
DGT033 : Personal Data Ethics and Management  blue-tick2  
DGT034 : Personal Data Protection Audit & Compliance  blue-tick2  
DGT041v : Understanding and managing emerging technologies (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
DGT047A : Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
DGT047B : Robotics Process Automation (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
DGT047C : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
DGT048v : Cybersecurity Literacy (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
DGT049 : Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Auditors, Accountants, Corporate Secretarial and Tax Professionals  blue-tick2  
DGT056v : Facts and Fictions: Navigating the waves of AI (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
DGT077 : Introduction to Power Automate Desktop (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
DGT080v : Uncovering Hidden Patterns in Data for Actionable Insights (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
DGT082 : ChatGPT and Generative AI (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
DGT083v : ChatGPT for Accounting and Finance Professionals (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
DGT084 : Practical Application of RPA and ChatGPT for Accounting and Finance Professionals (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
DGT087 : Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and ChatGPT Designed for Accountants by Accountants (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
DGT088v : RPA Implementation Strategy for Accounting Firms (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
DGT089v : Beyond Traditional Accounting: Prompt Engineering with Generative AI (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
DGT090v : AI-Powered ESG Reporting: Navigating the Path to Sustainable Success  blue-tick2  
DGT091 : Tableau Mastery: From Data Integration to Impactful Dashboards for Strategic Decision Making  blue-tick2  
E060v : Investment & Consumer Scams: The Law & Ethics Surrounding the Fraud (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E061v : Accounting Ethics: Understanding & Detecting Creative Accounting Practices (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
E068v : The Ethics Challenge: Ways to Manage and What to Watch Out For (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
E082v : Ethical Issues in Risk Management and Internal Controls (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E091v : Directors' Duties & the Relationship with Ethics (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
E092v : Ethical Business Conduct: Advanced Cases in Corporate Governance (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2   
E103v : Corrupt Practices in Commercial and Public Sectors: How to identify and manage them (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E108v : Ethical and Legal Issues in Procurements and Contractual Agreements (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E110v : Ethical and Legal Considerations in Tax Avoidance, Evasion and Fraud (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
E111v : Ethical Issues for Accountants: Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
E114v : Ethical Issues for Accountants: Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2   
E122v : Ethical and Legal Considerations in Protecting your Company secrets and Customer Databases (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2 pink-tick2
E125v : Ethical Dilemmas in Government Procurement (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
E133v : Ethics & Anti-Fraud Management (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2 pink-tick2
E135v : Business Ethics – Real World Applications – Recommended Solutions (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
E138v : Business Ethics & EP200: Preventing and Detecting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Abuse (Synchronous E-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
E140v : Ethics: Exercising Judgement in Financial Reporting (The ‘Should’ and ‘Should Not’) (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
E149v : Business Ethics: Best Practices in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E150v : Business Ethics: Anti-Bribery & Corruption (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E153v : The Role of an Ethical Accountant in Fraud Prevention (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E155 : Forensic Investigation and Fraud Detection Techniques  blue-tick2  
E160v : Ethics Update for Professional Accountants in Public Practice (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E161v : Ethics Update for Professional Accountants in Business (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E162v : Conflict of Interests and Related Parties – Why it Matters? (Live Webinar)    pink-tick2
E165v : Ethical Conduct and Governance Issues Faced by Finance Professionals: Unravel Messages from Case Study Analysis (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E168v : Law and Ethics of Fraud for Company Insiders (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E169 : Forensic Interview Techniques to Detect Lies from Ethical Breach  blue-tick2  
E171v : Digital Fraud  blue-tick2  
E172v : Thinking Like a Fraudster to Prevent Fraud     
E174v : Ethical Considerations of Whistleblowing (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E175v : Managing Ethical Challenges in Grant Governance (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E176v : Is your mental health affecting your “going concern”? – Accountants’ mental health and its implications on Ethics (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E177v : EP 100 in Guiding Accountants’ Ethics (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E180v : Ethics and Standards Update for Audit Professionals (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E183v : The Art of Fraud Investigation (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
E192v : Ethical Issues in Greenwashing  blue-tick2  
E193 : Ethics Pronouncement 200 (EP 200) and its implication to Audit Processes  blue-tick2  
E194v : Crypto Assets: Addressing AML, Ethical Issues and Regulatory Expectations  blue-tick2  
E195 : Data-driven Analytics for Effective Fraud Detection  blue-tick2  
ESG004v : Embarking on Green and Sustainable Financing (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
ESG007 : Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Factors and Business Valuation  blue-tick2  
ESG008v : Key Accounting Considerations in Adopting Green Energy - Implementation of FRS (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
ESG009 : An Introduction to various sustainability reporting standards (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
IT008C: Essential Excel Spreadsheet Skills pink-tick2blue-tick2  
IT023C: Business Analysis and Planning: Using Excel What-If Analysis  blue-tick2  
IT027C: Interactive Dashboard: Designing Visually Appealing Reports pink-tick2blue-tick2  
IT030C: Excel Macro Fundamentals pink-tick2blue-tick2  
IT031C: Creating Professional Pivot Table Driven Reports pink-tick2blue-tick2  
IT037v : Financial Modelling & Analysis (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
IT038v : Practical Financial Modelling & Analysis with Excel and ChatGPT (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
IT069C: Excel Budgeting Techniques pink-tick2blue-tick2  
IT072 : Introduction to Python for Accounting and Finance Professionals pink-tick2blue-tick2  
IT075v : Advanced Charting & Visual for Management Reporting (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
IT077v : Building Interactive Budget Tracking and Variance Analysis Model using Excel (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
IT078 : Enhancing your Business Analytics Capability with Power BI  blue-tick2  
IT082c : Time Saving Excel Tips and Tricks for Admin /Finance/ HR Professionals (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
IT083v : Enhancing Financial Reporting and Analysis with VBA made easy for Accountants (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
IT091A : Learning Microsoft Excel Power Query in Ease  blue-tick2  
IT091B : Powerful Data Modelling and Data Analysis using Excel Power Pivot  blue-tick2  
IT091C : Transforming and Analyzing Data with Power Query and Power Pivot  blue-tick2  
IT092 : Maximizing Excel for Financial Reporting Success  blue-tick2  
IT093v : Financial Insights: Excel, Power Query, and Power BI for Strategic Reporting (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
IT094 : Efficient Auditing with Excel: Practical Applications and Best Practices  blue-tick2  
IT095 : Optimise Accounting Efficiency with VBA and ChatGPT  blue-tick2  
MP034Av : Communication techniques to handle difficult people (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
MP038v : Conflict Resolution Skills (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
MP043 : Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers  blue-tick2  
MP057v : Ignite the Creative Spark in You (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
MP107 : Leading and Managing Change  blue-tick2  
MP110v : Writing impactful business correspondence and reports (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
MP114v : Developing and writing effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
MP133v : Professional Business Writing that Gets You Results (Live Webinar) 
MP157 : Presentation Skills - Bring the Numbers Alive!  blue-tick2  
MP157v : Presentation Skills - Bring the Numbers Alive! (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
MP168v : Effective Finance Business Partnering (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
MP171 : Essential EQ Skills for Success (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
MP173v : Transform to Perform for Finance Leaders (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
MP175 : Leadership: Effective Influence in the Organisation  blue-tick2  
MP175v : Leadership: Effective Influence in the Organisation (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
MP189v : Project Management in Finance Transformation (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
MP191 : Measuring the Success of Finance Transformation Projects  blue-tick2  
MP193v : GROW and Develop Your Team Using A Coaching Style (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX001v : GST: Operations, Accounting, Administration and Returns (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
TAX005v : Goods and Services Tax Workshop (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
TAX008v : Advanced Corporate Tax (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
TAX084v : Updates and Changes in Income Tax (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
TAX087v : Income Tax Implications and Tax Planning for Individuals (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX127v : Corporate Tax Workshop for Non-Tax Professionals (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
TAX191v : Understanding the GST treatment for Recovery of Expenses (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
TAX192v : Managing GST Audits (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
TAX214v : Non-business Activities – The GST treatment on non-business receipts and its input tax recovery (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2 pink-tick2
TAX226v : GST for SMEs (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
TAX227v : GST on Imported Services (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX247v : Withholding Tax - Fundamentals that Accountants Need to Know! (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX248v : Understanding the Capital Allowances Regime (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX249v : Income Tax Treatment on Foreign-Sourced Income (Synchronous e-learning) pink-tick2blue-tick2  
TAX250v : GST: Understanding Input Tax Recovery Rules (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX251v : Transfer Pricing – What SMEs should know (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX256v : Tax and Transfer Pricing of Intercompany Financing Arrangements (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX266v : Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion and Tax Planning in Singapore – The Law, the Practice, and the Differences (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX271v : Individual Income Tax Planning Workshop (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX273 : GST Updates and Salient Guidance for a Smooth Sailing throughout your GST Journey  blue-tick2  
TAX282v : Transfer Pricing Controversy Management – An Operational Lens (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX286 : GST Risks and Controls: How to review your GST returns  blue-tick2  
TAX286v : GST Risks and Controls: How to review your GST returns (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX287v : GST Risks and Controls: Major Exporter Scheme (“MES”) and Import GST Deferment Scheme (“IGDS”) (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX290v : Understanding the Foundations of Deferred Taxation (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX291v : Understanding the Foundations of Withholding Tax Obligations in Singapore  blue-tick2  
TAX292v : Mastering TP Documentation and Benchmarking Analysis: Best Practices for Success (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX293v : Mastering Transfer Pricing in Asia (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX295v : Building Your Business in Singapore: Leveraging Tax Incentives for Long-Term Growth (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX299v : Transfer Pricing for Financial Transactions (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX300 : Fundamentals of Corporate Tax Planning: Understanding the intricacies and key considerations of efficient and effective tax planning (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
TAX301 : Issues that Trigger Tax Audit and Tax Investigations: Case Studies and Practical Advice from the Field (Classroom)  blue-tick2  
TAX302 : Transfer Pricing for Corporate Support Services  blue-tick2  
TAX303v : Tax Strategies for Your Business: Choosing Between Unincorporated and Incorporated Structures, Plus Conversion Insights (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX304 : Insights to GST in the Digital Marketplace  blue-tick2  
TAX305v : Insights into the Taxation of Investment Companies and Service Companies (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX306v : Gains from Property and Shares: Tax Insights (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX307v : Insights to Tax Incentives on Funds by Family Offices: Section 130 & 13U (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
TAX308v : Red Flags to Tax Evasion and Anti-Money Laundering Practices (Live Webinar)  blue-tick2  
XBRL : BizFinx Filing System