Individual Candidates and Corporate Candidates Declarations

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Module Enrolment Terms and Conditions for Individual Candidates and Corporate Candidates

  1. I understand that I have to plan my schedule and consider carefully before registering for the workshop and exam as deferment of workshop and exam will NOT be allowed.
  2. I have read and understood that the objectives of the qualification/certification are to equip candidates with knowledge and skillsets based on the learning outcomes of the respective modules.
  3. I have read the Candidate Handbook stated below with respect to the approved qualification/certification and understand the requirements and policies pertaining to the qualification/certification.

    i.            ISCA Financial Forensic Accounting Qualification (FFA) – Candidate Handbook

    ii.           ISCA Infrastructure & Project Finance Qualification (IPF) – Candidate Handbook

  4. I understand that ISCA reserves the right to terminate my Candidate status if I am in breach of the rules outlined in the Candidate Handbook (FFA / IPF).
  5. I understand and accept that ISCA and/or its appointed training provider of the qualification/certification reserves the right to vary the delivery mode for exams and workshops with prior notification.
  6. I understand that full workshop attendance is required in order to sit for the exam.
  7. I understand that there will be an assessment via a computer-based testing platform for each registered module and I am required to bring my own personal fully-charged laptop for the exam.
  8. I understand that I will not be able to appeal for results review. The results are final.
  9. I understand that I will not be able to obtain any refund or transfer my examination registration fee. I further understand that examination fees will be forfeited in event if I am absent on the examination day and/or any of the workshops without valid reasons.
  10. I understand that no changes to invoices, transcripts and/or certificates will be allowed after they have been generated. I acknowledge that in the event that changes are required on line items in the invoice, transcript and/or certificate after generation, there will be an administrative fee charge of $40 (subject to prevailing GST).
  11. I consent to ISCA’s appointed third-party exam software provider’s collection of general user information, including, but not limited to makes and models of computers used by candidates, types and versions of software used by candidates, security and software performance related information, and other exam-related data. I also consent to ISCA’s appointed third-party exam software provider’s collection, use, and disclosure of my personal data as described and governed by ISCA’s appointed third-party exam software provider’s Privacy Policy, available at