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About #HacktomateAccounting

We have seen how RPA has reshaped the Accountancy sector. We all know the benefits that RPA can bring and how it can automate processes across different tools and applications to speed up and reduce monotonous task for the audit and accounting functions. 
Now, we would like to challenge the accountancy sector to develop the best RPA script using UiPath to maximise automation and aim to achieve productivity gains of more than 99%!

Join this upcoming #HacktomateAccounting and be a trailblazer in the Accountancy sector

Who can participate:

• All Accountancy students and graduates
• Professionals working in accounting firms
• Professionals working in finance departments

All participants must be based in Singapore. As a participant, you can submit more than one solution, but only 1 solution per problem statement.

How to Participate: 

⬜ Check Rule & Regulations
⬜ Design your solution as per judging criteria to gain maximum points
⬜ Submit solution before on or before 20th August

Hackathon prizes

Congratulations to the Winners!

#HacktomateAccounting Champion
1st Runner-up


2nd Runner-Up

Key Dates


Register for #HacktomateAccounting

Attend Pre-Submission Briefing (Virtual)

Rules and problem statements will be shared in greater detail during this 30 minutes virtual session. 

Pre-registered participants should view the recording briefing before submitting your project.

Click here for recorded briefing.

Click here for Hackathon Briefing slides.


10th August

Attend Technical Clinic (Virtual)  - Optional

Book a timeslot with UiPath experts to get technical and troubleshooting advice!

All registered participants will be emailed details to the clinic.

20th August

Submission deadline

6th September

Finalists will be notified via email from


• 10th September - Judging Round (Live from ISCA House) - (previously 13th September)
• 14th September - Winners announced during ASEAN Tech Fair


Judging Criteria:

  1. Impact & Productivity Gains (40%)
    How much productivity gains/manual hours will it save the organisation? How many workflows and processes does your solution reduce? Does your solution reduce the workload of 1 staff or a whole team? Is your solution far-reaching? Does it help only a specific organisation or can it be used by many others? Your solution will be assessed on the value it brings to the organisation and the accountancy community.

  2. Concept & Creativity (30%)
    Your ideas and workflow will be assessed for innovation and creativity while being relevant to the problem statement category.

  3. Technology & Integration (20%)
    Your solution will be evaluated on how effectively and efficiently you have used UiPath products, and if you’ve integrated with the ecosystem of other technologies.

  4. Presentation (10%)
    You will be assessed on how well articulated your solution is and if your presentation is precise. 

Problem Statements


#1 Audit process

An audit has multiple steps and processes which involves manual inputs and tedious but essential processes. From the start of an engagement of preparation of engagement letters, to vouching and to the review of financial statements, how can you use RPA to reduce one or more of the work steps?

ISCA-icon-Insolvency Restructuring & Liquidation

#2 Finance, Planning and Treasury processes

In a corporate finance function, an accountant has to deal with constant reconciliation processes or preparation of payment chaser emails from late paying customers. The budgeting team has to compile information from multiple sources and input the data manually. How can RPA reduce the manual work of the finance function?

ISCA-icon-Career Advice

#3 Open Category

Besides the audit and finance function, the accountancy industry has other functions that can be automated. Submit your ideas that can bring value to automate the monotonous tasks and bring value to the table.

Examples: Preparation of roll forward financial statements, balance confirmation etc.

Examples: Accounts receivable, purchase to pay, cash to order, treasury etc.

Examples: Corp Sec Processes, Tax computation processes, GST filing etc.

Rules and Regulations:

  • You can join as an individual or in teams of a maximum of 3 people. When submitting, submit as a team for the final projects to be assessed.
  • You can submit more than 1 entry, but only 1 per problem statement
  • Solution submitted must be using UiPath. No other RPA solutions will be accepted.
  • The solution that you are submitting must not be available as a solution or component on the UiPath Marketplace, won in previous UiPath Hackathons, or submitted in current UiPath Sponsored Hackathons (However, you may extend an existing solution, for example, a connector for Salesforce but with enhanced functionalities beyond the connector already available in the Marketplace.)
  • See full T&Cs here

Submission Guidelines:

The submission deadline is 20th August. If you’re submitting as a team, you will only need to fill in one submission form. The entire idea needs to be fully functional and RPA script completed so that it can be reviewed by the judges. Your submission must include the following in order to be considered for the final round:

  • PDD (Process Design Document)
  • Project Files / WorkFlow – comparison of Before and After
  • Presentation (no longer than 10 slides) - Please use this Hackathon Template
  • Solution Video (not more than 7 minutes)

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