SSQC 1 Workshops

SSQC 1 Workshop 2016 

In today’s ever-changing auditing landscape, having a sound system of quality control in compliance with SSQC 1 is not just a matter of complying with the standards, but embracing it to create a strong foundation for a sustainable future. How can SSQC 1 help to strengthen the foundation of a professional firm?

The workshop will provide you with insightful knowledge and help you to address your concerns regarding your SSQC 1 implementation process. The workshop will also touch on the key findings arising from ACRA’s Practice Monitoring Programme (PMP) as well as ISCA Quality Assurance (ISCA QA) team’s review of the firm-level controls in compliance with SSQC 1.

Programme Outline

  • Understand the relevancy of SSQC 1 to small and medium sized practices.
  • Understand the common practical challenges faced in complying with SSQC 1 and recommended approaches to address them.
  • Learn how to adopt and tailor ISCA Illustrative Quality Control Manual (ISCA IQCM) to your firm. There is no one-size-fits-all quality control manual for every firm.
  • Learn key findings from ACRA’s PMP and ISCA QA review on the firm’s system of quality control.


SSQC 1 Workshop 2014 

Your firm may be in the midst of implementing or contemplating to implement SSQC 1 and may be facing some challenges in the implementation process. We have organised a SSQC 1 workshop on 19 September 2014 to provide insightful knowledge and help to address your concerns in regards to the implementation of SSQC 1. We also shared with the participants the results of ISCA’s inaugural SSQC 1 survey which focuses on the state of implementation of SSQC 1 by Small and Medium-sized Practices (SMPs) in Singapore. 

SSQC 1 Guidance & Post-Implementation Workshops 2013

Guidance Workshops

What queries do you have about the implementation of the Singapore Standard on Quality Control 1 (SSQC 1)? What are the benefits of implementing SSQC 1? What problems have you encountered in implementing the ISCA SSQC 1 Practice Guides (the Guides) and what are possible practical solutions to overcome them?

To provide you with the knowledge in applying the Guides effectively in implementing SSQC 1 and to address your queries on applying the Guides, we have organised two SSQC 1 Guidance Workshops for you on 22 March and 19 April 2013. Six CPE hours are granted to the workshop participants. Click here for the write-up of the workshops. 

Post-Implementation Workshops

Is your firm in the midst of implementing or contemplating to implement SSQC 1? What challenges are you facing in the process of implementation? Are you looking for potential pragmatic measures to resolve them?

To provide you with insightful knowledge in implementing SSQC 1, we have organised 2 SSQC 1 Post-Implementation Workshops on 11 October and 8 November 2013.