ISCA Members - A Trusted Mark of Excellence

As members of the national accountancy body – the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, ISCA members are trusted accountancy professionals who embody professionalism, expertise and integrity.

All ISCA members must abide by the ISCA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics, as well as the new Ethics Pronouncement 200 which sets out requirements on anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism. Members are subject to ISCA’s investigation and disciplinary process if a complaint is filed against them.
ISCA members are often entrusted with key positions in organisations. This is because the skills and knowledge, as well as the hallmark traits of integrity, ethics and professionalism they possess as chartered accountants make them the prime candidate for leadership positions.

Alex Phua, CA (Singapore), Finance Director, Zouk Group

Interview with ISCA Member, Alex Phua

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Cyndi Pei, CA (Singapore), Group Financial Controller and Senior Vice President For Group Finance, Yeo Hiap Seng Ltd

Interview with ISCA Member, Cyndi Pei

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Song Yeow Chung, CA (Singapore), Chief Financial Officer, Old Chang Kee Ltd

Interview with ISCA Member, Song Yeow Chung

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In a world characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, it is vital to have skilled talent who are ready for the future economy. As the national accountancy body, ISCA supports our members by providing them professional development opportunities and resources to gain future-ready skills.

Through conferences and seminars, continuous professional education courses, specialisation pathways to deepen their expertise, technical publications and journal articles, as well as a deep emphasis on professional ethics, ISCA members are equipped with the expertise, skills and knowledge to add value to businesses. Across diverse industries and countries, the ISCA membership represents a trusted mark of excellence.

ISCA members are skilled talent who are ready for the future economy. To retain their membership, ISCA members must fulfill Continuing Professional Education requirements every year. This ensures their skills and knowledge are always up to date. ISCA members are supported by a plethora of resources that include:

  • More than 400 courses offerings from ISCA's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) department.
  • ISCA Knowledge Centre, with latest technical developments and resources in areas such as Financial Reporting, Auditing and Assurance and Sustainability Reporting.
  • The monthly IS Chartered Accountant Journal, weekly Insights e-newsletter as well as regular Technical Bite-size Guidance materials on topical issues and new accounting standards.
  • ISCA Technical Enquiry Service, for clarification on matters relating to Auditing and Assurance, Financial Reporting and Ethics.
  • Events and seminars including Signature Events, such as the Singapore Accountancy and Audit Convention series.
  • ISCA Learning Roadmaps designed to help professional accountants identify competency gaps and assess the relevant training opportunities to meet their professional development training needs. This enables them to take charge of their professional learning journey.
  • Specialisation Pathways to help members deepen their expertise in sought-after areas.
    • The ISCA Financial Forensic Accounting (FFA) Qualification is the first applied learning financial forensic qualification developed by a professional body in the region, with inputs from leading financial forensic experts from public and private sectors. Financial forensic professionals are sought after for their expertise in combating financial crime. The qualification, which leads to the ISCA Financial Forensic Professional credential, includes focus areas such as forensic accounting methodology, investigation approaches and digital forensics including data analytics and cyber response.
    • The ISCA-SUSS Business Analytics Certification Programme enables individuals to future proof and deepen their skill sets in data analytics which was identified in the Skills Framework in Accountancy as one of the skill sets in demand now and in the future as the accountancy sector continues to transform.
  • Initiatives such as the Technology Conference (TechCountx) in 2018 and overseas Business Study Missions, which introduce members to latest technology solutions relevant to the audit and accounting professions.