CA (Singapore) who is a public accountant

For members who want to register as public accountant with ACRA


CA (Singapore) who is providing public accountancy services, i.e.  the audit and reporting on financial statements, must first register with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) as a public accountant.  A public accountant is a person who is registered or deemed to be registered in accordance with the Accountants Act (Chapter 2) as a public accountant.

How to apply

For members who want to register as public accountant with ACRA, they may log in to their ISCA eServices portal to request for a certificate of good standing for purpose of registration as public accountant. The electronic certificate will be sent via email within 5 to 7 working days from the date of completed submission of required documents. 

To be eligible for registering as a public accountant, an applicant needs to meet the following requirements:
(i)   Has attained the age of 21 years; and
(ii)  Satisfies the prescribed requirements relating to:
(a)  Qualifications;
(b)  Practical experience; 
(c)  Membership in any professional accountancy body or organisation;
(d)  Proficiency in local laws;
(e)  Continuing Professional Education (CPE); and

(f)  Course on ethics and professional practice subjects, i.e. the ISCA Public Practice Programme


Certificate of Good Standing

How to request for a Certificate of Good Standing for the purpose of registration as public accountant

Log in at the ISCA eServices portal

Under "My Membership", click on "Other Membership Request"

Select the relevant "Certificate of Good Standing"

Click "Request"