Resignation, Removal or Suspension of Membership


Before you submit your resignation, please contact us to discuss your reasons and any alternatives which may be available to you (subjected to eligibility requirements), such as:


Resignations will not be accepted from members that are currently under disciplinary review.

Under the Institute (Membership and Fees) Rules, a member who does not wish to continue his membership may apply in writing to the Chief Executive Officer to resign from the membership no later than 1 February in any year. If the resignation request is made after 1 February, the member shall be liable to pay the full subscription for that year. Such applications are subject to the Council’s approval.

Upon approval by the Council, the member will receive a confirmation and his name will be removed from the ISCA Register of Members.

If he decides to sign up for the ISCA membership again in later years, a readmission application will need to be submitted. The application is treated as a new membership application and will be assessed in accordance with the prevailing admission requirements.

For members seeking for readmission to membership, please login to the ISCA eServices Portal and submit a new membership application via "Apply for Membership" on the left menu.

Removal or Suspension

A member may be suspended or removed due to any of the following reasons:

Members with annual subscription fee in arrears of 3 months or more may be removed from the ISCA Register of Members in accordance with Article 25 of the Institute’s Constitution.

Members who have been removed due to non-payment will be allowed to be reinstated within the calendar year of the notice of removal, i.e. by end of December of the year when the membership was removed.

Membership may be suspended or cancelled by order of the Disciplinary Committee as a result of a disciplinary finding under the ISCA Complaint and Disciplinary Process.

In the case of a suspension, the member shall automatically resume his membership on expiry of the period of suspension provided that any outstanding fees have been paid.

Members who have been removed as a result of a disciplinary finding may apply to be re-admitted after a period of not less than 2 years after the date of the order. The Council shall consider such application for admission as a Member as it thinks fit.

Members are required to inform ISCA immediately if they are made insolvent and adjudged a bankrupt. Their membership will be automatically removed 21 days from the date of notification as published in the Government Gazette on the bankruptcy order, unless an “Application to Retain Membership” is submitted within the 21-day period.

While such application is being considered, the member will be suspended until such time as the Council has determined the outcome of the application. Please refer to the Application to Retain Membership for more information.

If a retention application is granted, the member will be suspended from membership until such time when he is being discharged from bankruptcy. If a retention application is rejected, the member’s name will be removed from members’ register.

Members who had not responded to the Institute’s CPE audit despite repeated communications will be considered as “non-compliant” with the CPE requirements. “Insufficient hours” or “non-compliant” outcome from the CPE audit may result in the non-renewal of membership in accordance with Article 20 of the Institute’s Constitution.

Find out more about the ISCA CPE Audit
Members who have resigned, removed or suspended from the membership can no longer use the CA (Singapore), Associate (ISCA), Affiliate (ISCA) or AAT (Singapore) designations or enjoy any members’ benefits.