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Our Programmes

Education Programme

(a) Education

To provide needy Singapore youths with academic potential, access to quality accountancy education through financial and non-financial assistance, so that they can maximise their potential.

(b) Mentoring

The objective of the mentoring programme is to offer beneficiaries of ISCA Cares’ Education Programme the opportunities to learn and gain advice from experienced mentors within the accounting and finance profession. Through the programme, mentees will receive knowledge, motivation, advice and counsel, as well as encouragement from mentors, and enhance their personal development, and more.

Education Programme

ISCA Cares is established with the objective to help needy Singapore youths to pursue a career in accountancy through financing their accountancy education at the tertiary level.

These youths face challenges in securing a quality tertiary education if their basic needs are not met. This is a real issue in Singapore where the cost of living is high. There are government financial assistance schemes available to help needy students. ISCA Cares aims to complement these existing schemes by addressing the tuition fees and daily basic needs and any funding gaps present which are necessary and important for a quality education.

  • Target Beneficiaries

ISCA Cares aims to provide needy Singapore youths who display academic potential with a more conducive environment so that they can better focus on acquiring an accountancy education. This group can then continue to pursue their aspirations and have greater opportunities to reach their full potential in life. In turn, they can positively transform their lives, and will feel inspired to contribute to supporting this cause when they become successful. 

  • Donors as Nurturers

The ISCA Cares Education Programme is envisioned to be a holistic one to transform the lives of such youths. Donations would help subsidise the tuition fees and the basic living expenses of the beneficiaries. In addition, where appropriate, donors can serve as mentors to guide the beneficiaries towards their aspirations in the accountancy profession. Also, where possible, institutional/corporate donors can provide valuable internship opportunities for them to gain relevant accountancy work experience. The greater level of interaction between donors and beneficiaries would help both groups to develop a deeper sense of commitment and connection to each other. 

Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme offers beneficiaries of ISCA Cares Education Programme the opportunity to learn and gain advice from experienced mentors within the accounting and finance profession.

Mentees will receive knowledge, motivation, advice and counsel, as well as encouragement from mentors, and enhance their personal development. They are also expected to have clear personal and career development needs and desired outcomes. 

Each mentor will be paired with at most two mentees. This is to ensure that both mentors and mentees will benefit from the programme with the former being able to provide adequate mentoring to their mentees, and likewise the mentees receiving adequate attention from their mentor.


Mentoring Process

Step One: Programme Details

  • Mentoring programme is for one year.
  • Actual duration and frequency of meetings could be separately agreed between the pair.
  • Each meeting lasting approximately 1 hour.

Step Two: Matching the Mentor and Mentee

  • Mentor and Mentee will be matched by the ISCA Cares Team.

Step Three: Pre-Meeting

  • Mentee is required to fill up a pre-meeting form and share with the mentor prior to the first meeting.

Step Four: Follow-up

  • Mentee will be expected to be proactive in arranging these meetings, with due consideration given to mentor’s time and schedule.
  • Mentors and mentees are encouraged to connect or meet at least once every three months.
Expected Benefits for the Mentee

Personal Growth

Identify career goals and career planning objectives, gaining a role model for professional development, friendship



Exposure to ideas, connections and professional network, and access information on career options, valuable advice and suggestions for success, and/or improvement



Enhance confidence and communication skills when interacting with senior professionals

Expected Benefits for the Mentor

Sense of personal enrichment by helping these youths to grow and succeed


Help change the world for disadvantaged youths by encouraging them to stay focused on their studies, aspirations and becoming a professional accountant


Enhance one’s own coaching and leadership skills

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Community Development

To harness the knowledge, skills and expertise of the accountancy community, for appropriate community development projects through collaborative programmes with appropriate partners. 

The community development objective complements the education objective. It aims to harness the knowledge, skills and expertise of the accountancy community to help society build the necessary capabilities and capacities for a better tomorrow. 

ISCA Cares will partner appropriate organisations in the social services sector to leverage their expertise and experience to deliver programmes targeted at improving the community.