Membership Renewal

2020 Annual Membership Subscription 

All ISCA members (except for Life Members who are not Public Accountants) are required to renew their membership each year. This includes confirming your professional declaration, updating your personal details and preferences, and making payment (except for Life Members) for the annual membership subscription. The annual membership subscription is due on 1 January and payable by 31 January each year.

Please ensure your subscriptions are paid promptly to continue to enjoy the benefits of your ISCA membership. A late payment fee of $32.10 (including GST) will apply for payments received after 29 February 2020.

Steps for your 2020 membership renewal

Login to the ISCA eServices Portal and click on 'Renew Membership', then complete the following steps:

Step 1: Update your personal profile
Step 2: Update your interests and preferences 
Step 3: Complete your declaration and confirmation
Step 4: Make payment online

Application for Reduced Fee

Members who are facing financial hardship due to medical condition or pro-family can apply for a reduced annual subscription that is valid for 1 year. Financial hardship is defined as unemployment for a minimum of 1 year since 1 January in the preceding year before the year of subscription.

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Application for Member-In-Retirement (MIR)

To be eligible for MIR, a member must be at least 62 years old as at 1 January of the year of renewal, and not gainfully employed (an income of not more than S$36,000 per annum).

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Returning to Membership

If you are a former member of ISCA seeking to return to membership, you will need to fulfill the prevailing reinstatement or readmission rules at the point of your reinstatement or readmission request.

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