Payment of Annual Subscription

2020 Annual Membership Subscription

Renew your membership and make payment on or before 29 February 2020 to avoid the late payment fee of $32.10 (including GST).

You may choose to renew your membership via the following methods: 

(i) Online renewal and payment via ISCA eServices Portal; or

(ii) Email the completed membership renewal form to

Please click here for the membership fee structure.

For FAQs on membership fees and services, please refer to the links below:

Should you have queries, please contact our officers from the Member Services Centre for assistance at 6597 5533 or

For former members seeking to return to membership, please click here for more information.

Results of the 2020 Membership Renewal Lucky Draw

Thank you for renewing your membership online via ISCA eServices Portal. We appreciate your prompt payment.

We would like to congratulate the following lucky draw winners*:

Waiver of annual subscription fee

$50 shopping vouchers

Ang Shi Yun Sxxxx785J
Ang Siew Peng Sxxxx492J
Chen Li Gxxxx769R
Chew Wenyan, Edith Sxxxx337I
Ho Su-Yen Cindi Sxxxx472A
Lau Chiew Guat @ Ng Chiew Guat Sxxxx424J
Lee Siau Ling, Florence Sxxxx452B
Lee Zhengping Sxxxx400F
Leong Zhi Shen, Joel Sxxxx702H
Mak Choy Yin Sxxxx705H
Peng Qing Gxxxx461K
Tan Poh Sung Sxxxx426G
Tang Chi Hei Sxxxx181H
Timothy Cheong Zurong Sxxxx271D
Yang Qingjun Sxxxx137D
Bock Wan Chek Sxxxx615Z
Chen Heung Kwan, Anna Sxxxx571I
Guan Huiling Sxxxx739G
Kwek Cher Hui, Clarence Sxxxx842J
Lim Siow Jane Sxxxx766G
Lye Phui Kuan Sxxxx736E
Mimi Wijaya Sxxxx421J
Ng Shi Hui Sxxxx750H
Ong Chew Leng Sxxxx608J
Ong Shee Yun Sxxxx155D
Rainy Gxxxx345R
Soo Wen Jia Sxxxx083F
Tan Boon Cheong Sxxxx500J
Tan Chee Hui Sxxxx825H
Tan Eng Kiat Sxxxx636J
Tang Lai Siew Gxxxx467M
Tay Eu Jin Adrian Sxxxx805A
Yap Jiehui Sxxxx595I
Yeo Kheng Feng Sxxxx234C
Yu Huiling Sxxxx188B

*The Institute will contact the winners by email.