PBA Programme Completion Route

Applicants who have successfully completed the programme and meet the eligibility criteria can apply for the ISCA PBA designation.

The ISCA PBA Programme is a 30-hour e-learning course which aims to enhance the competencies of professional accountants in business (PAIB). The programme covers topics in the areas of Professional Values and Ethics, Technical Excellence, Leadership & Personal Empowerment, Business Acumen, as well as Future Finance skills in alignment with the ISCA PAIB Framework.

The CPE hours obtained from completing the ISCA PBA programme can be counted towards meeting the CPE requirements in the first and second year as ISCA PBA.


Existing Associates (ISCA) in good standing who:

  • Have complied with the CPE requirements with no outstanding complaints or disciplinary proceedings
  • Acquired at least three (3) years of post-qualification relevant work experience 


Non-ISCA members who:

How to Apply

Create an account or log in to your account on the ISCA eServices Portal

Fill up the online application form

Upload a copy of the following supporting documents:

•      NRIC/FIN/Passport (for non-members)
•      Signed character references form (for non-members)
         o     First referee: CA (Singapore) or full member of a recognised accountancy body
         o     Second referee: Present Employer
•     Official ISCA Professional Certificate in Business Accounting
•     Employment testimonials (see Note 3 below for more information)
•     Latest resume
•     Deed poll (if applicable)

Payment and application submission

We will notify you of the outcome within 8 to 10 weeks upon submission of all necessary supporting documents and payment.

Additional information:

  1. Applications are subject to approval on a case-by-case basis 

  2. The application fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or if the application is withdrawn after submission 
  3. Applicants need to provide testimonials from previous and current employers (covering 3 or 5 years working experience). Each testimonial submitted should be presented on the company's  letterhead specifying the period of the employment, with the exact commencement and cessation dates, the job title and a detailed description of duties

  4. Certified True Copies (CTC) – Non-ISCA members who are not working with firms registered under the Accredited Training Organisation need to submit CTC supporting documents, signed off by a CA (Singapore) or a member of a recognised professional body.


Application Fee
(inclusive of GST)
S$ 109.00


  • For non-members, membership admission and annual subscription fees for Associate (ISCA) still apply. Click here for more information on the membership fee structure.