Practical Audit Workshop - Frequently Asked Questions

A) General Questions

I) Workshop content
  • What is Practical Audit Workshop (PAW)?
    PAW is a series of workshop designed to provide practical audit guidance to all audit personnel of small and medium-sized public accounting firms (SMPs) and targeted at different proficiency levels.
  • Why is the workshop duration 4 (four) to 7 (seven) days long?
    PAW is designed to provide detailed practical audit guidance to audit personnel for them to better understand and apply the requirements of the Singapore Standards on Auditing (SSA) when performing an audit of a typical Singapore incorporated company, with financial statements prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Singapore Companies Act and Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS). Case study examples will be used throughout the workshop to illustrate the various audit concepts and work paper documentation requirements.
    II) Workshop attendance
    • Do I need to attend the entire workshop?
      Full attendance of the entire workshop is desirable for the participant to obtain the CPE hours. Participants are required to sign their attendance twice each day.
    • Can another participant replace me, if I am unable to attend the workshop?
      A written request for replacement of participant should be made no less than 3 (three) business days prior to the workshop commencement. The Institute reserves the right to deny entry to anyone who is not registered for the workshop.

    III) Assessment
    • Is there any assessment at the end of the workshop?
      Assessment (MCQs) will be conducted during mid and end of the workshop.
    • What is the passing mark for the assessment? What if I fail the assessment?
      The passing mark is 50% and a Letter of Result will be issued to the participant at the end of the workshop. If the participant did not obtain a pass for the assessment, he/she can request for a re-assessment. An administrative fee of $107 (inclusive of GST) will be charged.
    • What if I am absent on the day of the assessment?
      If the participant is absent on the day of the assessment, he/she may request to reschedule his/her assessment date subject to an administrative fee of $53.50 (inclusive of GST). However, if the absence is due to medical or compassionate reason, the administrative fee will be waived. The participant has to inform ISCA in writing before the commencement of the next class so that a re-assessment can be arranged. Such request must be supported by relevant document, for example, a medical certificate.
    • Can I have a set of the assessment questions so that I know the relevant areas of improvement?
      The trainer will discuss the assessment questions and suggested answers after each assessment so as to clarify any learning gaps where applicable.