International Education Standard Exposure Drafts & Comments Letters

The International Education Standards (IES) contain the underlying principles, concepts and definitions that enhance accountancy education. The IES address the entry requirements, the learning outcomes of professional accounting education programs, the continuing professional development requirements of professional accountants as well as the professional competence requirements for engagement partners.

The IFAC has introduced a new IFAC Accountancy Education E-tool which helps accountancy education stakeholders navigate and access key principles and related implementation support. The instructional video on how to use the e-tool can be found here.

Being the national accountancy body, ISCA takes a keen interest in the education and professional development of aspiring and professional accountants in Singapore. With the support and inputs from ISCA members and oversight committee members, ISCA Professional Development & Learning Division would seek views and comment on international educational pronouncements and proposals for relevance to the profession in Singapore.

IAESB Exposure Drafts and Consultation PapersISCA Comments Letter 

IES 1: Entry Requirements to Professional Accounting Education

ISCA Comments on IES 1
IES 2: Initial Professional Development - Technical Competence (Revised)ISCA Comments on IES 2
IES 3: Initial Professional Development - Professional Skills (Revised)ISCA Comments on IES 3
IES 4: Professional Values, Ethics, and AttitudesISCA Comments on IES 4
IES 4: Professional Values, Ethics, and Attitudes (Re-exposure Draft)ISCA Comments on IES 4 (Re-exposure Draft)
IES 5: Practical Experience Requirements for Aspiring Professional AccountantsISCA Comments on IES 5
IES 6: Assessment of Professional CompetenceISCA Comments on IES 6
IES 7: Continuing Professional Development: A Programme of Lifelong Learning and Continuing Development of Professional CompetenceNA
IES 8: Professional Competence for Engagement Partners Responsible for Audits of Financial Statements (Revised)ISCA Comments on IES 8
Proposed Framework For International Education Standards (2014)ISCA Comments
Guiding Principles for Implementing a Learning Outcomes ApproachISCA Comments
Meeting Future Expectations of Professional Competence: A Consultation on the IAESB's Future Strategy and PrioritiesISCA Comments
Proposed Drafting Changes to International Education Standards, Framework for International Education Standards for Professional Accountants and Aspiring Accountants, & IAESB Glossary of TermsISCA Comments
Proposed International Education Standard 7, Continuing Professional Development (Revised)ISCA Comments on IES7
Proposed Revisions to IESs 2, 3, 4, and 8 - Information and Communications Technologies and Professional SkepticismISCA Comments